Hi I'm Jennie Walbank, a myofascial release therapist and movement educator specialising in chronic pain, postnatal core and pelvic floor rehabilitation. I carry out myofascial release massage and teach restorative movement and yoga in picturesque Alvescot and Finstock (west Oxfordshire). 

Although my speciality is all things core and pelvic related, my approach looks at the full body. Because often the missing piece of the puzzle is somewhere outside of the core or pelvic floor itself. Breathing, postural patterns, scar tissue and fascial restrictions are all taken into account when we are dealing with core and pelvic floor rehab because we are more than the sum of our parts. 

If this sounds overwhelming, I get it. The words 'full body approach' or 'holistic' can feel like too much work to take on. That is what I am here for. To break it all down into bite size pieces that you can easily incorporate into your day to day life.

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