Covid-19 Precautions


Covid-19 precautions for myofascial release therapy .

Myofascial release sessions are carried out at my house in the first room upon entering the house. 

A mask is to be worn upon entering the premises and when laying on the back during a massage.

The mask may be removed once laying face down.  Please place mask in the box provided and not on soft furnishings which cannot be wiped down.

I will wear a mask to greet you and a mask and visor throughout the therapy session itself. 

Couch linens and my clothing will be washed straight after every session and only one therapy will be conducted daily. 

Surfaces of the massage couch and personal belongings box will be cleaned before and after each session, along with door handles.

Please use hand gel upon entering the premises and place ALL personal belongings except shoes in the pre cleaned box provided or on the wooden chair. Please do not leave clothes on soft furnished areas as these cannot be wiped down. 

A rest room is available upstairs. The surfaces will be cleaned before and after sessions and a clean hand towel provided. 

Covid-19 precautions for movement sessions.

For Movement sessions, a mask only needs to be worn when entering the premises.

Where I need to get closer than two meters, I will wear a mask and visor.

Client is to bring own mat and block. Wipeable therapy balls are provided.

Covid-19 precautions for group classes.

With group sessions a mask is only needed upon entering the village hall.

If the rest room in needed, please use the one way system. All handles and toilet surfaces are cleaned before and after the class by me but please still apply hand gel when entering and leaving the venue.

Parking should be on the surrounding streets and not directly outside the hall. 

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