Jennie is fabulous and I would highly recommend both her myofascial release massage and core strengthening classes. I have suffered from lower back issues and tense muscles ever since I can remember (especially post children). After a double myofascial massage session, I can really feel the difference and, for the first time in years, I am waking up without lower back pain. Jennie was able to find and unlock many areas of hidden tension which has probably been building for years.

Jennie’s core strengthening classes are also fabulous. Jennie has made me much more aware of how my body is feeling and has a magical ability to identify and unlock localized tension through different exercises and positions. She also has a great way of packaging her specialized knowledge in bite size pieces so you can understand what muscles she is helping to work or release and goes that extra mile to really understand you, which makes a world of difference.

With this “new norm”, I spend hours at my home desk hunched over a computer and like many have increasing anxiety. Jennie’s weekly sessions allow me to rebalance and destress and are genuinely a real blessing to my weekly routine.

I went to Jennie for advice as after having my 2nd child I experienced pain in my hips, pelvis and suffered with pelvic floor dysfunction .
Jennies approach was professional and friendly, the exercises were explained well and Jennie explained how they would benefit me!
I was amazed at how after looking and making small adjustments to my alignment, how I walked and how I carried my daughter, I saw the discomfort improve after a few weeks and by continuing to practice the exercises advised by Jennie my body is becoming stronger.
I would highly recommend Jennie Walbank Movement

I was unable to walk any distance and was struggling to move around the squash court. I was totally restricted. Even pushing the lawnmower was painful. I found myself leaning over constantly when walking. After my sessions with Jennie I can walk upright with ease. I'm well pleased. huge improvement. I'm looking forward to seeing how I perform in my next squash match.

I found Jennie’s class much more useful than anything I had tried before. I was expecting a whole class of kegals, but this approach seemed much more helpful and beneficial to the whole body. 

I have been attending Jennies classes for a while, mainly because I felt that my posture and flexibility are poor. Jennie has helped me with more than I thought I needed and I feel stronger and more " upright". Jennie is fun, patient, understanding and very, very knowledgeable, I recommend her.

Jennie is calm, kind, considerate, sensitive and SO understanding, she listens to your needs and adapts, finding solutions for individuals. It has been a pleasure to have had sessions with Jennie

What Peter and I love about your class, Jennie is the precision of it. You watch and target problem areas that we just can’t unlock. You have the knowledge to be able to suggest a variety of ways to help until we have that Aha moment and you’ll come back the following week with more ideas to help. The classes are always well- prepared and practised and the pace goes with us. We were so pleased that we found you.

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