Myofasial release is performed directly on the skin without oils or lotions and works at the fascial level to remove restrictions built up sometimes over years. Due to the nature of this tissue it doesn't release in the same way as muscle but instead requires a long slow sustained pressure. Scar tissue, inflammatory responses, postural habits and trauma may lead to fascia restrictions. When these occur over sensitive structure such as nerves this can create pain in the body. Even where no pain is felt in our daily life, these restrictions can create a general sense of fatigue in the body.

Fascia in its most simple terms is our internal 3 dimentional webbing. When healthy it allows slide and glide, movement of fluid to and from our cells. When restricted, the same way putting on a tight jacket limits our arm movement, so too can the fascia. 

Fascial restrictions can develop anywhere in the body, limiting our overall mobility and creating pain when pressing on sensitive structures: Here is a by no means exhaustive list of some of the symptoms MFR can help with

*Back pain
*Hip pain
*Bladder problems (urgency, frequency, incontinence, overactive bladder, leakage)

*Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
*Chronic fatigue syndrome
*Emotional trauma
*Frozen shoulder
*Headaches/ Migraines
*Neck pain
*Pelvic pain
*Plantar fascitis
*Non bacterial prostatitis (chronic pelvic pain)

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